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What Is Canine Freestyle?         

Canine Freestyle is what you get when you take a dog and a handler and throw in some music, a little creativity, and a whole lot of fun!

In the exciting new sport of Canine Freestyle - training, teamwork, music, and creativity all combine to create a unique performance illustrating the relationship between the dog and handler. Although freestyle is based on traditional obedience elements such as heeling and attention, it also adds additional athletic and creative moves such as spins, weaves, and jumps.....

Canine Freestyle is a great activity for dogs and handlers of all ages. For younger dogs, learning freestyle skills is a great way to "learn how to learn". For older dogs, it is a great activity to help maintain strength and flexibility.

Not only is Canine Freestyle a fun competitive dog sport, but it is also great addition to therapy dog work or performances to help educate the public on the joy and benefits of positive dog training methods.

Whether you consider Canine Freestyle "dancing with your dog" or "obedience with attitude" - this is your chance to get started now!

Click The Bone Below To See
Oklahoma's Very First Freestyle Dog In Action!

Maggie's Waltz

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